Taking up the writing habit again

A few days ago, I migrated all of my blog posts from my last primary blog on WordPress.com to this blog. In the process, I read over a lot of old posts. I noticed something interesting: back in 2007 and 2008, I was writing blog posts with fair regularity. Now, it’s a rarity.

The blog posts back then were fairly journal-like in character. They told a story of what I was working on, how I felt on certain subjects, and described some of my adventures in games I was playing at the time.

The blog posts I wrote in the recent past trend towards the same thing when they’re more frequent. When I choose to try and write something useful, like the Laravel on Docker post, it takes a lot longer, a lot more effort, and is a lot more intimidating to start on.

So as I sit here sipping on my orange pekoe black tea, listening to relaxing acoustic guitar, and writing these words, I’m thinking that I should allow myself to write journal-style posts again.

This, if for no other reason than to ingrain that old writing habit. It’ll be easier to write the big, important stuff if the simple stuff – the writing – comes naturally, right?

Get Going with Laravel on Docker

This post was updated May 14th, 2016 to significantly rework the tutorial.

Docker is slowly taking over the world of web infrastructure. It makes working with multiple different services easy, and the problem of “works in dev, not in prod” goes away, since you have the same environment on your local machine as you do in the production infra. It also makes things like trying out web apps without deploying them to servers really easy. Ever wanted to just check out a personal demo of, say, WordPress or Ghost? Docker makes that simple. Continue reading “Get Going with Laravel on Docker”